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Drabble/One-shot #2

Alrighty Barb. I made a promise, and here's my big ol' fat thank you for the 'sneak peak'!

Your drabble/one-shot request was Clark getting Lois something for her birthday that only he could get for her - something Clark-ish, was the exact terminology, I believe. *wink* So, in true Clark fashion, it is something only he could get her. Let's hope that it also gets your approval. *chews nails*

Here you go!

Totally inappropriate.

It was a constant thought in his mind while he pretended to work, a cadence beating his brain so frequently it prevented him from stealing another look at her desk. Suddenly the perfect birthday idea seemed like the worst thing he could possibly do.

Of course it’s the worst thing you could do. She isn’t yours, and it’s not like you got her a bouquet of flowers. That would have been enough!

So what if getting her a string of real pearls was a bad idea? It wasn’t his fault that he happened to find them in the ocean while he was flying back to the east coast from Europe. They just happened to… be there. Granted they had still been in the clam shells, but he couldn’t help it with his super vision…

He shook his head, ignoring the need to take off his glasses so he could rub his eyes. It really was inappropriate. Lois was still engaged to Richard, and while he was sure she would think the thought was nice – if not a little extravagant – he had no reason why Clark Kent would buy her a set of pearls for her birthday, and he was certain that mentioning Superman would only make the situation worse. With the truth of Jason’s parentage known to his secret identity, the last thing he wanted Lois to think was that the Man of Steel was trying to win her heart again. It was a choice she had to make.

So why did you get the pearls made into a necklace, you big dummy? He resisted the urge to beat his head against the desk. Explaining the pearls was one thing; explaining the hole in his desk because of his head knocking into it would be the end of his alter-ego.

“Oh my…!”

He froze. Every muscle in his shoulders tensed until they were nearly covering his ears. Not blinking, not even breathing, he turned his head slowly to Lois’ desk.

She was holding the pearls in her hand, having discarded them from the black velvet case from the jewelers shop. Her mouth was a perfect ‘o’ of wonder and her face stated that she was truly shocked. Jimmy stood beside her and was an exact mirror image.

“Wow. That’s a nice set of pearls, Miss Lane!” he said, taking one end and holding the smoothed bead in his hand. He whistled, the tune going high and falling down the musical scale. “They seem real enough, too. Who are they from?”

Clark remained frozen at his desk, still not breathing, his form as still as a creature ready to strike. His eyes widened when she reached for the note he had left in a small envelope. ‘Deer caught in the headlights’ didn’t seem appropriate to describe him and he knew it. He was making it horribly obvious that he had given her the pearls, but suddenly he was more worried that Lois would find that out.

Jimmy continued to stare at the pearls while Lois read the few lines the note contained. She smiled. “Richard.”

Every tense muscle went slack. His fingers, once frozen on his keypad, slid their way into his lap. He turned his face back to his computer, tuning out the conversation between Lois and Jimmy as he tried to snatch the card out of her hands. The blood ran back into his face, but it had nothing to do with relief.

Well, maybe it did. At least she didn’t suspect him and thought they were from Richard. Richard certainly was wealthier than he was; it would make more sense for her fiancé to get her something like that for her birthday. At least Clark Kent didn’t have to explain himself, and it looked like Superman was out of the woods as well.

He took a deep breath and slowly continued typing, guilt settling in to conflict with his relief. It was better that she thought they were from Richard. It was more appropriate. It was right.

It hurt. But it was still right. He didn’t have a place in her life. Not yet, anyway.


Shooing Jimmy away from her desk, Lois sat in her seat and took another look at the pearls. Gently, she set them back into the box and closed it. She looked at the note in her hand and studied it once again.

Two things she had noticed right away about the note were these:

One - the note said:

 Have a happy birthday, Lois.
                 -A friend

 Only two people used that term to describe themselves in a note to her. The most recent was Richard when they had just met, an apology gift for something he had done… or forgotten to do. Even now Lois couldn’t remember what it was.

Two – the thought struck her as soon as she finished the note:

This isn’t Richard’s handwriting…

Without a second thought, she opened a drawer in her desk, put the velvet case inside, and closed it.

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