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Birthday Drabble

*runs back with freshly beta'd story*

Alrighty Mel - here's your gift. It isn't wrapped in pretty paper, and you can't snuggle with it at night, but I hope that it gives you those wonderful warm fuzzies to help make your birthday a little brighter. Your drabble request was something in the Lois and Clark timeline. This takes place around season three, and puts a little twist on an important question Clark has for Lois.

Happiest birthday wishes! I hope it was a blast!

Telling her now, Clark decided, was a really stupid idea.

It was supposed to be the perfect evening; dinner on the small balcony accented by the light of the moon and stars with the breeze blowing at the perfect angle – at her face, so her hair wouldn’t be in the way while she ate – and his warmth would prevent her from getting too cold. After a long dinner and a few glasses of wine, he would pull out that ring and get on one knee, preparing himself to ask her a question that he should have asked a long time ago, knowing what the answer would be before the evening started. Then she would break out in tears (though she would deny it later) and accept his proposal, taking the ring from his hand and helping him place it on her finger. Then he would admit the truth: Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter, her close friend and comrade, the very man she was going to marry, was Superman. And he would unbutton that shirt and show her the famous logo beneath and all would be right with the world, because he loved her and she loved him.

He never expected her to stare at him completely dumbfounded, gripping the folds of his shirt like a lifeline, the tears of joy frozen on her face in the midst of what could only be pure shock. She didn’t blink. She didn’t even breathe.

“Lois?” he said quietly, feeling her hands grow cold on top of his, watching her eyes change emotions as rapidly as anything he’d ever seen. Shock melted to fear, fear to recognition, recognition to joy, joy to confusion and finally to full-blown anger. Her eyes moved from the bold ‘S’ to meet his own worried gaze, and he suddenly felt like putting his glasses back on and running away. The fury that was Lois Lane was unearthed and he had been the one to release it.

“It was you?” she said quietly, disbelievingly, then stronger, “It was you the whole time?”

“Lois, I’ve tried to tell you…”

She forcefully released the folds of his shirt and seemed to get angrier when he didn’t budge. She walked back into his apartment, running her hands under her eyes to clean away any make-up that had been ruined in her outpouring of short-lived expression. When she turned back at him he stopped dead in his tracks in the doorway – she seemed absolutely livid.

Yup – telling her now was a really stupid idea.

“You didn’t have me fooled for one second, you know. All those times you’ve just suddenly had an urge to return a movie, or remembered something you ‘really have to do’ or feed your stupid fish…” Suddenly she was marching back into his apartment, throwing her arms around the room. He heard her muttering under her breath, “God! I’ve been over here enough times to know he doesn’t have any fish!”

She turned back to him, pointed a freshly-painted fingernail into the suit on his chest when he stopped abruptly behind her. “You think you’re an extremely deceptive man, Clark Kent, but I’ve seen through this the whole time. You might have been able to fool Perry and Jimmy, but nobody, and I mean nobody, makes a fool out of Lois Lane!”

“Lois… don’t you think you’re overreacting a little bit?”

Her eyes, impossibly wide and accented even more with eyeliner, got wider - and angrier. She was positively fuming at this point.

Overreacting? Clark, how long have we known each other? You’ve been keeping this from me for two years! You could have told me at any point, you know. There would have been nothing wrong with that!”

“There would have been everything wrong with it.” He desperately wanted to reach out and hold her hands, but something told him that doing so would only result in injury worse than kryptonite. Lois had that affect on him, it seemed. He kept his hands by his sides. “Lois, telling you that I’m Superman would have made you a walking target for all my enemies. I nearly lost you once with Lex. I couldn’t do that again, not without knowing and being sure that you’d be safe if I did.”

Her arms were still crossed. He was sure she’d start tapping her high-heeled foot at him soon. He sighed and looked down at his hands. He lifted them and began buttoning his shirt back into place, leaving the top two undone and letting his tie hang loosely around his shoulders.

That’s when he noticed she was still wearing the ring. A small smile formed on his face seeing it there. He pointed at it. “You never answered my question,” he whispered.

The tenderness in his voice undid her. Lois did the one thing he never expected her to do.

She burst into tears.

He knew moving toward her would be a bad idea. He stayed rooted to his spot on the floor, but his arms tentatively reached out to her. “Lois… Lois, please don’t cry.”

She lifted her hand and looked at the ring. “This doesn’t make any sense. I don’t even know who’s asking this question… It’s like you suffer from multiple personality disorder and I happen to be the unlucky gal who fell in love with one and now has to deal with the other!”

His eyebrows lifted in confusion. Multiple personality disorder? That was a first. “Lois, you might have fallen for Clark or Superman, but they’re both the same.” He walked over to her and held her face in his hands, using the pad of his thumbs to brush away her tears. “Superman is what I do. Clark is who I am.”

His nearness calmed her down, but her eyes still swam in confusion. At least she wasn’t angry anymore. I hope she isn’t, anyway.

“So who’s asking?” she whispered, covering his hands with hers. If it weren’t for their slight tremble, he never would have sensed her fear of asking.

“Whoever you want. Both are eager for an answer, though.”

She closed her eyes and he could feel every second pass slowly. His heartbeat pounded louder in his ears than any other noise. She took a deep breath and gazed into his eyes, and he was surprised to discover that he couldn’t read her at all. She had him on edge and she knew it.

Oh, boy…

“Both are eager, eh? I’ll bet they are. The problem, though, isn’t who to answer, but who is the right choice.”  She released his hands and undid the first few buttons of his shirt, revealing the ‘S’ to her eyes once more. “Superman can leap tall buildings in a single bound, but he can’t stay home after five. He can fly, but he can’t guarantee he’ll be around on the weekends. He has all of these abilities, but he can’t ignore the responsibility he has to the rest of the world. To Superman, my answer is no.”

He could feel the blood drain from his face. She redid his buttons and haphazardly fixed his tie. Lifting the same finger she used to accuse him moments earlier, she tapped on the frames of his glasses.

Clark Kent, however, is my working partner. He’s dependable, honest, gives you both sides of the story, and has been there for me more times than Superman. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, I’d rather see the glasses than the suit.”

Feeling the atmosphere lighten considerably, he grinned. “Really? I thought you liked the suit.”

“The suit is an added bonus. Now quiet. I’m not done yet.”

His grin remained, but he kept his mouth shut.

Clark Kent showed up tonight for dinner. Clark Kent is the first person I’ll see tomorrow at the Planet. Clark Kent is the person who will hear me say ‘See you tomorrow’ when the clock hits five, but the truth is that I don’t want to say that. I want to walk step by step with Clark Kent all the way back to our apartment. I want to walk step by step with Clark Kent into our future together.”

She had moved closer to him during her speech, and he couldn’t resist wrapping his arms around her waist and settling his forehead against hers. She accepted him completely, snaking her arms over his chest and around his shoulders.

“So, I guess if Clark Kent were asking the question, my answer would be yes. The world needs Superman, but I’ve discovered that Lois Lane needs Clark Kent.”

Tenderness flooded his eyes again. “And I need you.”

“Now, don’t make this confusing. Who needs me?”

His head fell to her shoulder. “Don’t start with the multiple personality thing again, please.”

She laughed delightedly, running her hand through the hair at the nape of his neck and pulling back to get his attention. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist.”

“So your answer is yes?”

“Yes, Clark Kent; my answer is yes.”

He ultimately decided that telling her at that point really wasn’t a stupid idea. He did, however, make a mental note to never tell her something important during a romantic dinner again.

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