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Underground - Chapter Three - Lucy

            His phone call had ended only a few minutes later. After informing Perry what hospital he was in and the floor and room number, he had listened while his boss mumbled to himself and eventually ended the phone call by saying something along the lines of, ‘She’ll be there in a few hours’

            Clark had no idea why Perry would have referred to himself as a ‘she’, but why he would arrive a few hours later was the fact that bothered him most.  He must have been thinking of a million things at once and had mistakenly identified himself. Yup. That had to be it.

            When a young brunette came charging into the room a few hours later, purse flying around her arm and strands of hair loose from a ponytail, Clark was startled out of his chair and found himself at the foot of the bed while the girl sat in the seat he had occupied moments before. She took Lois’ hand and completely ignored him. “Oh God, Lois. Oh my God…”

            Clark’s eyes were wide and confused. He blinked at her once and snapped himself out of his stupor. “Uh, excuse me…”

            The girl turned and looked at him, surprise evident on her face.

            He blinked again. “Uh, I’m sorry. Who are you?”

            The girl pointed a finger at him. “You’re Clark Kent, aren’t you? Thank God for you!” She stood from the chair and gave Clark a hug. “I don’t know how to thank you.”

            Clark remained absolutely rigid. Thankfully the girl released him before he could say anything. She turned back to Lois. “How long has she been asleep?”

            Clark fixed his tie that had been ruffled with the girl’s hug. “Uh, a few hours. She was awake once and could remember a few details about what happened to her.”

            The girl’s eyes scanned Lois’ body, taking in the injuries and cuts across it. “What’s wrong with her?”

            Clark listed off the injuries with a nervous tone, not completely trusting the girl but wondering why she looked so familiar. The girl, now sitting in the chair, looked at each injury as he listed them off. She looked like she knew exactly what he was talking about, almost like she was a doctor herself.

            “A hairline fracture and a broken bone,” she muttered, nodding her head. “Sounds like she was pretty lucky. From what Perry told me if she had been in there any longer she would be a lot worse.” She turned to him, tears welling in her eyes, professionalism melting away. “I’m serious – that was a gutsy thing you did, getting her out of there. Thank you. Are you okay? I can’t imagine that was easy.”

            Clark cleared his throat, feeling interrogated with all these questions. “I’m fine. Just a little sore here and there.” He lifted an arm over his head and pretended to flinch, hoping it would prove his point.

            She smiled at him, and he blinked when he realized he had seen that smile before. He took another step closer to Lois’ bed and held out his hand. “I’m sorry, what was your name?”

            The girl gasped and stood from the chair, taking Clark’s hand in a firm shake. “I’m sorry! I completely forgot to introduce myself. Here I am babbling on and you without a clue! I’m surprised you didn’t try to kick me out of the room yet.”

            Clark had thought about it when she first walked into the room and took Lois’ hand but decided that was better left unsaid. The girl smiled again and now Clark was certain where he had seen it.

            “Lucy. Lucy Lane. I’m Lois’ little sister.”


            A few hours later Clark rested his head on his hands and listened to the sounds of the hospital on the floor below and around him, catching the voice of Lois’ sister and listening to her conversation with the nurse at the front desk. He heard nothing different from what the doctors had told him earlier. At least his fears that Lois was suffering something more serious could be set aside. He took a deep breath and focused, tuning his hearing from the floors below to the hallways surrounding the room. He heard the high-pitched squeak of stretchers being wheeled away, patients talking to loved ones, the elevator doors dinging and a voice muttering numbers – room numbers. The exact same room he was in. The voice came closer.

            His eyes opened when he realized it was the heavy pace of Perry White thundering through the hallway. Clark pushed his glasses to the bridge of his nose and walked over to the corner of the room, putting the chair back where it once was. Perry walked in minutes later. Jason wasn’t with him.

            “Kent? You’re still here?” he said, never meeting Clark’s gaze while heading straight for Lois’ bed. Clark adjusted his glasses and fidgeted with his hands.

            “I, uh, I didn’t want to just leave her here, Chief. I didn’t think it’d be good if she woke up alone.”

            Perry slowly swept his gaze over Lois’ casts, momentarily touching one with the lightest of strokes. “My God…” His voice was thick with emotion that seemed uncharacteristic of him. Whether or not he wanted to be heard, Clark didn’t know. Perry finally met the reporter’s gaze. “Where’s her sister? I called her hours ago – she should be here by now.”               

            “She, uh, went to the front desk to ask for more details about Lois’ injuries.”

            “Of course she did. Lucy’s not exactly like her sister, but they both share the need to have all the details. Doctors and reporters are like that.”

           Clark’s brow furrowed. So she is a doctor. That explains everything. “What about Richard? Did you get a hold of him?”

            Perry’s face darkened. Taking a glance at Lois, he walked over to Clark, grabbing him by the arm and leading him towards the door. Clark, hearing Perry’s heartbeat thunder in his ears, silently followed his boss into the hallway. Why Perry felt he needed to say something away from Lois when she was sleeping was beyond him. The older man closed the door and ran a hand through his short hair.

            “It’s complicated, Kent. I don’t know very many details…” he stopped and looked at Lois through the glass.

followed his gaze then looked back at Perry. “Mr. White?”

            Perry sighed deeply. “Lois got a phone call this morning. Richard’s missing.”

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