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Drabbles anyone?

Mm'kay - I'm going to stamp 'moron' on my head for not even noticing the rich text button under this text box *facepalm*. I couldn't believe it was right there... *sigh/blush*

Anyway, I do have a series of drabbles that I wrote over last weekend - this is one set in Bisty's Life universe because I couldn't imagine Lois and Clark saying this to each other outside of the Lois and Clark universe (hope you don't mind, Bisty!). It's one thing to picture Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher, but Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth? That thought was more fun. *grin*

I have this weird sense of joy mixed with embarassment because of this rich text thing. I guess I'm 'hip' now. *stamps 'moron' on forehead*

“It’s a doughnut,” Clark was saying, holding the jelly filled long-john in the air as if to prove his point. “They’re supposed to fill you up momentarily, not be the only meal of the day.”

“They also make you fat,” Lois protested, snatching the doughnut out of his hands and tossing it back into the box. “And too many people eat them for every meal in the day. That’s why they are no longer recommended to have for breakfast anymore.”

“Unless you’re on the go.”

“They do have something called ‘energy bars’, you know.”

“Ah, but nothing says hello to the day like a big bite of jelly goodness filled with carbs and fat.” He picked up the doughnut again and took a big bite, smiling when she shook her head and took another sip out of her coffee.

“Not all of us have the immunity to fats like you do. Some of us have to work for our muscular frames.”

His smile was anything but innocent. “So you noticed?”

“A few times.” She mirrored his smile. “Kind of hard to ignore with that suit you’ve got.”

Noticing Jimmy in the corner of the small room, Clark leaned closer to her. “So, it’s a turn-on?”


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