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Drabbles - the cool kids do it

I came up with this today while chilling out with a friend at her house. She seemed to like it and, knowing that all of you have contributed with drabbles, thought I would post it here if you were interested. It really doesn't have anything to do with my story - just a drabble. Lazy saturdays really are good for the muse. *grin*

"This isn't a very good dinner," Jason said, taking another bite of marshmallow despite his words. "Mommy wouldn't be very happy."

Your mother would be less happy with me introducing you to s'mores without knowing if you were allergic to any of this, Clark thought with a smile, pulling the skewer out of the fireplace and smashing the browned marshmallow between two pieces of graham cracker. "It's a good thing we had dinner first then, isn't it?" He turned to Jason and offered him the s'more, which his son took happily with sticky fingers. Pushing his glasses up with a knuckle, he grabbed another marshmallow and pushed it on the skewer. "You won't tell, will you?"

"Nuh-uh!" Jason grinned and licked chocolate off his fingers. "It's good! Can you babysit me tomorrow so we can have some more?"

Clark chuckled, meeting the blue eyes that were like his own. "I don't know about that, but I promise you this; whenever I watch you, if you want to have s'mores again, just say the word and we'll have some. Okay?"

"Okay!" was the enthusiastic answer. Clark took a bite out of his own s'more and stared at his little boy, watching him with fascination as he ate his snack, wondering what abilities he might develop over the years and which would come first. Maybe some day he could teach his son to use his heat vision to make his own s'mores whenever he so desired. It certainly proved useful on various camping trips with his father.

"Has Richard ever taken you camping before, Jason?"

"Not yet. He says he wants to soon. Why?"

Because I want to take you camping and teach you all the things my father taught me. Because I want to see how much you can do and help you tone your abilities. Because I want to be a father, just like my own father, and show you all the things this world has to offer. Because I want to teach you all about your heritage. Because I'm finally not alone in this world.

"No reason. Just curious. My Dad used to take me camping when I was around your age. We'd go off on trips all the time."

"Sounds cool."

He offered his son another s'more, thinking it would be the final one for the evening, wondering how much longer he had before Lois and Richard came back. Another evening spent with his son that, for now, would be a treasured memory until he could be, finally, allowed into the picture. "Yeah. It was pretty cool."

Good? Depressing? Make you hungry? Let me know? *chews nails*
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