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While the Writer has a second (fic pimpage)

I figured it would be a good idea to take a moment and give you an idea of what can be nominated for this years Superman Fanfic Awards. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but I'm just now getting to it. Figures I get a bad migraine the first day that I get off work on time, right?

Anyway, to be blunt, Underground can basically win in any category it can be nominated for, and The Dance is the only fic I've written that can't win in the Best Overall Short category. That's it. *shrugs* Anything else I've written is eligible for any short story category (since all I've written, besides Underground, are short stories.) To be a little more organized, it goes like this:

Underground: Nominated for Best Action, Best Original Character (Christopher Hendrick), Best Overall Mid-Length, Best Use of Supporting Characters, and Best Villain (Christopher Hendrick). Please note that, as of this year, Underground is eligible for Best Epic, seeing how it's 54,721 words long. Any of these other categories? C'mon... give me another crack at these. Please? Pretty please? ;) Link can be found at the top of my LJ.

The Out To Lunch Series: I believe this is eligible for the Best Series category. Am I right, Mom? If not, here are some parts from it that are:

Point Number Five: Lois puts her investigative skills to work when a note from Clark tells her to search the city for five points of significance... Click to read Word count: 6,050

From Now On: A simple look into the lives of the Man of Steel and the Daily Planet's star reporter after their marriage. (the continuation of the story above.) Click to read Word count: 6,202

Do You Hear What I Hear?: A change in Christmas plans gives Clark a chance to see how much his boy has grown recently. (the continuation of the story above.) Click to read 3,369

At Last: Stand-alone taking place in the Donner Cut of Superman II. This night for them could only be described in two words: at last. Click to read Word count: 2,889

If there's any other information that you all need, or that is needed from me, please let me know! Let the reading (and voting... please? :D ) begin!
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