sean_montgomery (sean_montgomery) wrote,

Add this to the list of songs I might not listen to for a while (MV debut - Dare You To Move)

Here's my fourth attempt to get back full-swing into the world of video making. *grins as teh twin laughs at the word "attempt" and chuckles when she shouts "I think full-swing happened a long time ago!"* This one I'm actually pretty proud of; I've had this idea for a while, and knew a group of shots in particular - you'll know it when you see it - were going to be really hard to work with. However, I just couldn't let it go. I just couldn't. ;)

This is a movieverse crossover, btw. You just can't tell a story with Dare You To Move without help from the original movieverse... especially when the first line is Welcome to the planet. :D

Enjoy! *turns off iMovie and heads off to write for a while*

Tags: music videos
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