sean_montgomery (sean_montgomery) wrote,

The dead brown bunny drabble

'Cause htbthomas made me do it... and she knows I can't resist a challenge. *hugs mom*

The super-speed. They’ll always get me with the super-speed!

Lois’ mantra rang through her head as she followed the trail of her son – a path of small, crushed leaves and broken branches – through a darkened wooded area outside Metropolis. Clark had thought it would be a great idea for Jason to practice his newly acquired heat vision in a quiet place, but his face had paled when Jason’s first try had resulted in the brush’s bright colors being consumed by a small fire. The tone he had used telling them to stay put confirmed a small fear – despite their best intentions to keep the event quiet, someone had gotten hurt.

So it was only natural that Jason would speed after his father when the older man hustled through the charred trees. Lois had tried to catch up with him but he was too fast, darting away faster than she would have liked to admit. He might not be as fast as his father, but he sure doesn’t run like an average seven year old…

Suddenly, Jason stopped, his little brow furrowed in confusion when Clark darted by him, keeping his hands to his chest, heading straight for Lois. “Hold on, Jason,” he said over his shoulder, and then turned to Lois, opening his hands. Cradled in their large warmth was a brown bunny, its fur matted and darkened, a section of its back completely burned off. “This is what I heard,” he whispered to her. “False alarm.”

“Oh my.” Lois instinctively reached a hand forward to touch the creature, and then stopped short, pulling her hand back. “What do you think Jason will—" She glanced over Clark’s shoulder. Her expression changed. “Jason, what are you doing?”

Her nearly deadpan tone made him turn his head. Jason was squinting at Clark’s back, the eyes closed nearly shut. When he saw what his father held, his eyes brightened. “Cool!” he said with a grin. With bright eyes, he blinked and looked at his parents. “Can we eat him?”

Many thanks to mark_clark for the last second beta. :)
Tags: drabbles
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