Friends Only!

Friends only

That's right - friends only! A link to my stories are posted below (or are posted in my bio page), but if you'd like to get in on my life in general... that's going to take some permission. Leave a comment in this post, and the Writer will get back to you.
Sailor Moon - wuv u/u 2

It happened. :)

Today, June 22nd, Josh and I were married in a park surrounded by friends. We have no honeymoon trip at the moment - the college's schedule changed and classes start this week and not next week - but we plan on spending the next two days relaxing together. You guys have been with me through quite the journey in life - from work troubles, moving halfway across the country, and now into a new stage. Safe to say, I'm stupidly happy and consider you guys there in spirit.

Now, if you'll excuse me, Mrs. Manning is going to spend time with Mr. Manning. <3

Superman - Clark sympathy

Emergency help wanted

I need those of you who have my number to check up on me as the evening progresses. Please. It's been an extremely difficult week, and I don't have the energy to write about it yet, but things have gone very badly in many different places in my life and I'm lying here in bed drying my hardest not to grab a knife and cut right now. I feel like an addict in rehab. I'm literally holding myself and rocking as I type this on my phone in bed. I feel right now like I have no one else to turn to. Please just do this for me.

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Me - Abbychu!

I'm going to be selfish and ask for attention.

For those of you with my phone number of email address, please keep me in mind today. My landlord was a jerk again yesterday (a one-worded text that read Rent?) and I'm starting to crack. I'm remembering how it felt to have that warm blood soaking up the gauze under my finger when I last gave plasma, and it's a little too frequent to be safe. I'm doing this as a precaution. Please check on me today. I really don't trust myself.

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